The Story: A Special Delivery (Episode 1)

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for watching the first episode of A Box Full of Memories. I wanted to start off this series by first introducing each of the main characters (Fox, Cat and Bunny) with their own special episode. This particular episode was inspired by my eldest brother’s birth story.
I’m sure almost every parent is anxious and nervous when they’re expecting their first child. My parents had been married for over a year and my father recently started working for a company, so he didn’t have a lot of paid time off to use (and of course, there wasn’t such a thing as pregnancy leave for fathers). So on the day that my brother was born, my dad went to work (after my mom had given birth), but his boss spotted him and told him to go home and take care of his family!
I tweaked the ending of the episode a bit so that it would be easier for viewers to understand, since my earlier versions of the episode made it seem like my dad was fired. I definitely didn’t want to leave any misunderstandings so I changed it so that the office would be closed for the holidays.
Please look forward to the next episode – Smelly Cat!

– Angela

~A Box Full of Memories~ Introduction

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for stopping by this blog (and if you’ve found your way here, it probably means that you have watched at least one episode from my cartoon series, A Box Full Of Memories)! Here is a quick introduction to the series:

I decided I wanted to try to capture some of the stories and moments in my childhood that gives a “back in the olden’ days” kind of feeling. Some stories are unique to my family, while others are stories that a lot of people can probably relate to. Ultimately, my goal for this cartoon series is to give a sense of nostalgia to the viewers of my generation while also reminding viewers of all ages the humor and innocence of a child.

Also, by no means am I a professional cartoonist nor an animator, but I was determined to learn some new programs from my Adobe CS6 Creative Cloud series. So I decided to take on the challenge of learning Adobe Flash from the ground up. This project is definitely a learning process for me, but it is pretty fun.

I get asked a lot about why I decided to do a story about my childhood. It’s not that I feel like my childhood was so awesome that it needed to be shared with everyone. In fact, I think you will find that a lot of these episodes cover activities that are considered pretty common in childhood. For example.. pillow forts! Who HASN’T made one or thought of making one as a child? Also, I often found myself saying (to my older brothers), “remember when…”. Sometimes you just want to relive those moments and this is my way of doing so.

I hope that you will enjoy these cartoons too!